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Q. I placed an order through the Janlynn website. How can I check on my order?

A. When you placed your order, you should have received an email containing a link to your order status on our site. This link will show you the status of your order, including the date your order was shipped and the USPS tracking number. You can use the tracking number to track your shipment through the USPS website https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

A. In the Continental U.S., merchandise is shipped primarily via USPS within 5 business days of receiving an order, excluding weekends and holidays. Most customers in the United States should receive their orders in five to seven business days after their order has been processed. If a shipment exceeds 5lbs, then UPS is the carrier of choice.

Q. How much is shipping and handling?

A. In the U.S., standard shipping and handling is as follows: $5.50 for orders up to $49.99, and free for orders $50.00 and up unless a promotion is running at the time of placing your order.

Q. Can I request Priority Delivery?

A. Certainly. US Orders for which Priority Shipping is requested will be shipped FedEx 2nd Day. Simply request Priority Delivery in the Shipping Selection field on the Billing Information page. NOTE: Priority shipping is not available to orders placed to a P.O. Box. Priority Delivery charges in the U.S. are:  $25.00 for orders up to $49.99 and $35.00 for orders up to $99.99.  Those customers selecting Priority Shipping on an order in excess of $100.00 will receive a quote from a Janlynn representative once their order has been packaged and weighed.  Shipping charges can vary greatly on these larger orders, given the varying sizes and weights of our product line, and destination of the package.  NOTE: Priority Shipping charges on orders greater than $100.00 will not be applied until the shipping quote is received and accepted by the customer.

Q. What are Shipping Charges for my order in Canada?

A. We have temporarily discontinued our International Shipping Methods. We felt that the rates for international shipping were not to our liking for our valued customers. We regret this decision, however we felt it was a fair decision for our customers. 

Q. What is your International Shipping Policy?

A. We have temporarily discontinued our International Shipping Methods. We felt that the rates for international shipping were not to our liking for our valued customers. We regret this decision, however we felt it was a fair decision for our customers.

Q. I don't have a credit card. Can I send a check or money order?

A. Please mail us a letter listing the merchandise you are purchasing, your name, address and telephone number, enclose a check or money order for order plus shipping and handling and send it to Design Works Crafts, 70 Orville Drive, Bohemia, NY 11716  USA. Shipping and Handling charges for USA ONLY are up to $49.99 - $5.50; and over $50.00 - FREE.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Items purchased through our website can be returned within 30 days except final sale items and special orders. Items must be unused/unopened and in saleable condition. Make a copy of your invoice and return it with your merchandise. We will credit your charge card upon receipt. If your merchandise is purchased through one of our retail customers and you wish to return or exchange it, their store policy prevails.

Q. Will you service a Janlynn item that I bought second hand?

A. We only guarantee items that have been purchased from a major retailer or directly from Janlynn. Any item bought second-hand, ie: tag sale, flea market or online auctions, are not guaranteed.

Q. I don't like to use my credit card on line. Is there another way to order?

A. Yes, contact Melissa, toll free, at 1-800-468-5487 ext 206 to place your order.


Q. I'd like to use your DFN floss on a project that I am stitching.  Do you have a DFN to DMC Conversion Chart?

A.  Absolutely.  Simply click here for the master color conversion chart as well as conversions for all of the floss value packs we sell.

Q. Can I make an enlargement or photocopy of the graph to highlight where I have stitched?

A. Janlynn Corporation strives to make your stitching easier and more enjoyable while still preserving your chart. You may make a copy/enlargement for your personal use only. Please destroy copies after stitching. This protects our copyright and that of our designers.

Q. I bought a kit and the fabric is blank. How do I transfer the design onto the fabric?

A. Does the Front Picture read "Counted Cross Stitch"? If so, you have purchased the most popular form of needleart available today. It is easy and offers an exciting array of designs. These designs are charted on graph paper. Each square represents a square on the fabric. The stitcher counts the squares, matches symbols to floss colors and transfers (stitches) the design by symbol to the fabric. See our General Instructions in our kits for details.

Q. How can I purchase a kit that has been discontinued?

A. When a kit is discontinued, all rights are returned to the designer and are no longer available to us to sell. However, many retailers sell their discontinued kits to discount centers. Keep your eyes open!

Q. I am stitching a stamped design and the blue Xs shows from under my stitching. What can I do?

A. Finish stitching your design and by all means do not get the fabric wet, as the blue stamping may smear or disappear. When your stitching is complete, the blue stamping can be washed out. Follow the General Instructions supplied in your kit.

Q. How can I get a replacement copy of a destroyed chart or instructions?

A. If the kit is in our current line, we will be able to replace the chart/instructions for you. If the kit is discontinued, we will check our files. If they are on file, we will make a copy for you. Please allow 7-10 working days for the mailing.

Q. How will I know if you found a replacement chart/instructions?

A. You will either receive a copy in the mail or we will call or write acknowledging that the file is not available.

Q. I just purchased a baby quilt and bibs. Do I stitch between the layers of quilting or stitch through to the back?

A. How one stitches on quilted fabric is a matter of preference. I prefer to stitch through the quilt keeping the back neat and with beginning and ending tails woven between the layers. If the back doesn't meet your expectations, you may want to purchase backing fabric. One yard of 45" fabric is sufficient to cover the quilt back. If you choose to stitch between the layers, be reminded that it will take more time and patience. However you stitch on quilted fabric, you will have a beautiful gift for that new born.

Q. How do you sew on beads?

A. Sew each bead on the fabric where indicated by a symbol on your chart. If you have more than one color bead, each bead color will have its own symbol. Add the beads with a coordinating color of floss. Using a beading needle supplied in the kit, add each bead as charted. Come up with your needle in the hole of the corresponding square, add bead to needle and stitch down in a diagonal hole.

Q. What is waste canvas and how do I use it?

A. Waste canvas usually has a blue thread running through the weave of the canvas at periodic intervals. It is used to add cross-stitch designs to sweat shirts, clothes, towels and lots more only limited by your imagination. We frequently use it on our stamped poly/cotton fabric to add a baby's name, birth date and weight to a birth announcement or sampler. After all stitching is complete; baste the waste canvas on the fabric being sure that it is centered where you will stitch your design/letters. Use the blue thread line to make sure your canvas is straight. Chart on graph paper baby's name, birth date and weight with the alphabet provided in you kit. Using a sharp needle, stitch through the small holes of the canvas and the fabric beneath. The canvas will help to keep the stitches neat and will be removed later. Avoid stitching through any of the canvas threads. When stitching is complete, pull basting threads out and cut waste canvas only about one inch away from the stitching on the canvas. Moisten the canvas slightly with a damp sponge. This will release the starch in the canvas and allow you to pull out the canvas threads one by one using tweezers. Some stitchers prefer to pull the threads of the waste canvas when dry. Try both methods to see what you prefer.

Q. I have never taken my completed cross-stitch design to a dry cleaner. Why does your kits instruct us to do this?

A. This information is supplied as a precaution. Many stitchers do not know how to clean their needle art and/or do not wash their floss prior to stitching. If you know how to care for your needle art, continue to do as you have done in the past. Those who are new to cleaning their fabric should follow the instructions in our kits. It is very important to pre-wash the floss so that the dyes do not run.

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