Bead FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:


How many beads are in the A Bead at a Time Line?
We are in the process of adding many more beads to our line including new value packs, glass beads and metal beads. Once we have the complete assortment online we will have over 300 beads for you to choose from!

Do you only sell bracelets?
No, in addition to our bangle bracelet and 7.5” and 8” chains, we also offer an 18” necklace and a 44” versatile chain that can be worn in a variety of fashions.

Do beads fit onto other bracelets such as Pandora™?
Yes! Our beads fit on all other designer bracelets such as Pandora™, Camilla™ and Troll Beads™.

How do know which size bracelet I need?
To measure your size wrist, use an existing bracelet that allows you to put 2 fingers between your wrist and your bracelet leaving enough room to fill your bracelet with charms. Alternatively, you can wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure the piece of string.

How many beads fit onto a bracelet?
About 18 beads fit both of the chain bracelets and the bangle bracelet. You can fit many beads on both necklaces depending how you wear them, but we recommend around 10 beads.   

How do I clean my bracelet?
The best way to clean your bracelet is to invest in a jewelry cloth. You can visit our Care Instructions page found on the A Bead at a Time page.

What are the metal beads made out of?
A Bead at a Time metal charms are made of a low melt zinc alloy that is fully RoHS compliant & has no nickel in the alloy or in the plating.

How do I put the beads onto my bracelet?
To put the beads onto one of the chains, you first need to remove the lobster claw clasp at the end. Once removed, you will be able to easily slide the beads on and when finished re-attach the lobster claw to the chain.

How do I put beads onto my bangle bracelet?
To put beads onto the bangle bracelet, you first need to unscrew one of the balls from the bangle. It should remove easily from the bracelet so you can slide on your beads, and when finished screw the ball back onto the bangle.
Are these beads also sold in stores?
Yes, you can also find the A Bead at a Time line in many retail stores across the country.

Can I sell these beads in my store or on my website?
We would love for you to sell our beads at your store! Please contact Edralin Norman at to setup your wholesale account with the Janlynn Corporation™.

Can I resell my bracelet after I have designed it?
Once you purchase the materials and design your own jewelry you can resell your piece of work.

How do I use the Bracelet Builder?
First, choose the bracelet you wish to build on by selecting the bracelet from the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. Next, you can select the category you wish to browse and when you find a bead you like you can click on the bead and drag it onto the bracelet. Make sure to place the bead over the silver bracelet, or it will not register the action you wish to take. You can add up to 18 beads on this bracelet, and can easily re-arrange and move the beads around depending on your style!

How do I delete beads from the Bracelet Builder?
You can delete beads from the Bracelet Builder by dragging the individual beads to the trash can found on the right hand side of the bracelet, or can start fresh by clicking the “Clear Beads” button.

Can I save the bracelets that I make on the bracelet builder?
Yes, refer to the link at the bottom of the bracelet builder that reads “Save Bracelet.” Your bracelet will be saved here for up to a year, unless you delete the cookies from your computer.

Can I send the bracelets that I create on the bracelet builder to my friends?
Yes, you can send your creations from the bracelet builder to your friends. Refer to the link at the bottom of the bracelet builder that reads “Send to friend” and fill in the required fields. Your friend will receive an email from with a link to your creation!

How large is the whole in the center of the beads?
The diameter of the bead is 5 mm.

What is the length and width of the beads?
The bead is 10 mm tall and 10 mm wide.

What are some alternative products that can be used to wear the beads?
Jewelry cord, suede, hemp, stringing wire, cotton cord, p’leather and macramé cord are all great alternatives to wear your beads on.